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3 Things to Consider before Owning an Electric Vehicle in Peoria, Arizona

Electric cars are definitely frequenting the streets in Peoria, Arizona. Have you thought about owning one? Not only are there federal, state and local incentives to help with the cost of buying or leasing an electric car, but of course, they're also better for the environment.

Read more about the benefits and incentives on's website but we also provided three things to consider before owning an Electric Vehicle in Arizona:

Does the vehicle meet my needs?

Choose a model that fits your budget and needs. Do you need space for a stroller? Do you have a lot of work equipment? Make sure to pay attention to the cargo space offered. Some EV's are much smaller than others and some provide enough space for families.

What does it cost to insure an electric car?

Here at Wishwell, we have learned that insuring an electric vehicle in Arizona is no different than insuring a conventional vehicle and we proudly offer electric vehicle policies to Arizona residents all over the Valley. Electric vehicle insurance policies feature the same coverage options like bodily injury, liability, collision, and comprehensive coverages. Make sure call us at (623) 444-2454 or fill out our contact form on and one of our Auto Insurance Specialists will reach out to review the specifics with you.

Where and how will I charge the vehicle?

The number of public charging stations that Phoenix offers is growing. However it’s far more convenient and cheaper to charge your electric vehicle at home. A standard 110-volt wall outlet for what’s called level 1 charging or another option is to have an electrician install 240-volt service in your garage to accommodate level 2 charging which is much quicker than level 1. If you're back and forth to work and need to recharge, public chargers are typically installed in public parking garages, retail parking lots, at new-car dealerships, and even on some urban streets. Several charging stations are located here in Peoria like Blink and Charging Point.

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