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Arizona Insurance Specialist / Advisor vs. Salesperson

As a consumer, we are faced with a barrage of sales tactics, advertisements, subliminal messaging, and all sorts of things to get us to buy with this company or that product.

Of course, the bottom line is the dollar bills going into the bank account. That will always be the driving factor in any business. No matter what company or what position someone has, we are selling in some shape or form. When it comes to major purchases such as a home, cars, businesses, or insurance, our usual thought is “Dang, I have to deal with a pushy salesperson.” Do we though? What about the advisor approach? What are the differences of salesperson or advisors?

Throughout the years the “salesperson” is portrayed as the shifty eyed, slicked back or pulled back hair, inappropriate, overbearing, and rude. Movies and advertisements depict this person all the time, Danny Devito in Matilda, or Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko. Lately there has been a shift in thought, putting the service back into customer/client service as we go into this new era of post covid business. Giving great service is what advisors are about. Information and education are the two key factors in being an advisor. The pushy sales line is, “this is what you need, lets get you signed.” The advisor is saying “here is your options, what questions do you have, is there anything else you want to go over, which makes best sense for you?”

The difference is night and day when it comes to having an advisor or salesperson. Consumers need to feel comfortable and trust the person they are working with. If a client doesn’t have trust, they can’t make a sound decision on any purchase no matter what the product is. Clients or consumers have one thing in common, they are human beings. It is important for people to have that trust built with people or companies they work with. Too many times have people been taken advantage of, swindled into a bad product, even financially drained.

  • Advisors will have longevity in their careers, when their clients have that trusting relationship with their advisor, those clients turn around and give referrals that they have a close relationship with.

  • Salespeople turn and burn so to speak, if they can’t close a deal, they won’t even remember your name. Advisors will have that strong foundation built on trust and treat everyone they do or don’t do business with respect. Which person do you want to help you?

At Wishwell, we are in your corner - here to help and advise you on the best possible coverage. With access to over 18 direct carriers, the choice in insurance is yours as we shop the carriers, supply the information with our advice on which makes the most sense for you, your family and budget, then you decide. If anything happens and you need to file a claim, we are also here to help you handle it - every step of the way!

This article was written by Andrew Manuel, our Life Insurance and Medicare Insurance Specialist at Wishwell Insurance Brokers in North Peoria! Schedule an appointment with him: or visit for more information!

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