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Bloom365 - Rock the Purple Golf

Uproot Abuse in A Generation

Bloom365 is a local non-profit that educates and actives youth advocates and adult allies to uproot abuse by cultivating healthy relationships, free of dating abuse/sexual violence. Here at Wishwell we are honored to sponsor an organization like Bloom365. We believe that everyone deserves safe and healthy relationships. Partnering with Bloom365 allows us to help sponsor events like Rock the Purple Golf & Jam. Last year Bloom365 raised over 17k at their Rock the Purple Golf, which we enjoyed our time with every single participant there.

Bloom365's mission is to cultivate a culture of empathy, respect, and consent, free of violence. They also educate, activate, and train young people and their trusted adult allies in schools and communities to advocate often and intervene early to promote healthy relationships and save lives.

Like Wishell, If you are interested in partnering with Bloom365 please contact them

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