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Is Peoria, Arizona a safe place to live? Here are some stats to consider!

When moving to a new city or just coming to visit a common thought is... Is it safe? We wanted to reassure you of 5 reasons why Peoria, Arizona is a safe place to call home.

Here are the facts*:

• Latest Census data shows the City of Peoria's population increased more than 24% since 2010, and we are now home to more than 191,000 residents.

• Calls for service to the Peoria Police Department have been trending downward at a rate of approximately I.5% per year.

• To facilitate tremendous growth, and technological and forensic investigation requirements, since 2015, City of Peoria has grown from 191 sworn police officer positions to 216 sworn positions.

• The City of Peoria's total crime rates have followed a downward trajectory of approximately 3% per year.

• Law enforcement agencies across the country have been struggling to recruit, hire, and retain qualified police officers and 911 dispatchers for many years due to the increasing pressures on law enforcement. Despite this, Peoria remains the top employer of choice. This is evident in the longevity of our first responders who choose to stay in Peoria and dedicate many years of service to our community.

Keeping citizens safe is Peoria's top priority!

Are you relocating to Peoria, Arizona or did you just move here? Welcome! We are Wishwell, your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs and we offer free insurance reviews on your home, auto, business and life insurance policies! Visit us at or stop by our office located in North Peoria, in the parking lot next to Safeway in Vistancia!


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