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Medicare Classes in Arizona and understanding your options.

Happy early 65th birthday!

Did you know that you can get an early birthday present when you turn 65? In fact, you can get it as early as three months. What is it you ask? Medicare!

Are you screaming in excitement or terror, yet? Usually what happens is a person will get the paperwork in the mail with information on how to sign up for Medicare yet struggle through that and have no idea what the difference between plans and parts are in Medicare.

When it comes to Medicare a lot of people rely on the word of other family members, friends, or even their own doctors. The problem with these methods is none of them are fully educated on changes from year to year and what may work best for other family members or friends is not what is going to work best for you. Out of hundreds of options to pick from, do you know which one is going to be most beneficial?

Medicare is not the most difficult subject out there in the world. However, there is so much information, regulations, changes, and commercials with Joe Namath that it isn’t easy to navigate through initial sign up or looking at changes from year to year. This is where a good Medicare agent comes in. Just like back in the day get a notebook, your favorite pens, or pencils ready for class. Medicare classes are important, a good agent is going to provide a Medicare 101. It will give you the most important ins and outs of basic Medicare knowledge. Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, Part A or Plan G, supplements or Medigap, all those terms will be explained in a class. It will also help you understand what the true options you are choosing from.

There are only two options when you look at Medicare: Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Once that is decided then you have more choices to look at. Those classes will give you that knowledge ahead of time to allow you to make a sound choice. It is always better to have as much information when making important decisions, when it comes to Medicare you need not only the information but someone to interpret from all the confusing language and other people that think they know. Get the knowledge, find a class, be prepared for your own piece of mind.

At Wishwell Insurance Brokers, we host regular in-person and online (Zoom) meetings to help answer all your questions about Medicare in Arizona. You can also schedule an individual appointment with one of our Specialists, too:

This article was written by Andrew Manuel, your Wishwell Medicare Agent in Peoria, Arizona.

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