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Things to do in Peoria, Arizona Right Now!

North Peoria is a fun place to live. The weather is great this time of year and the options are endless for outdoor and indoor activities in Peoria. We are very active here at Wishwell so we put together a list of indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy here in North Peoria.


Paloma Park - Kids and adults really enjoy Paloma Park. The park has a playground for the smaller and bigger kids, along with a splash pad that is open seasonally. Dogs are welcomed here with two large areas for them to run and play. The Park also includes fishing, ball fields, pickleball areas, picnic ramadas and more.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park - Lake Pleasant is a massive park that includes hiking, scuba diving, camping, picnicking, swimming, and much much more. A leading attraction at the Lake Pleasant Regional Park is the H2-WHOA waterslide. It is the tallest floating waterslide in the world.

P83 Entertainment District - P83 is a huge district that includes North Valley Power Center and Arrowhead Crossing shopping centers. Several shops and restaurants are available while walking and enjoying the great weather here in Phoenix.

Old Town Peoria - Peoria's historic Old Town neighborhood always has something new to enjoy. Not only is it a focal point for arts and culture, but the area also includes local coffee shops, parks and gathering spaces.


Peoria Center for Performing Arts - The Peoria Center for Performing Arts is the entertainment hub for the West Valley. You'll find all kinds of shows at the center. Everything from puppet shows and plays to concerts.

Peoria's Public Libraries - Peoria has two well known libraries. Peoria Main Library located on Monroe street and Sunrise Mountain Library located on 98th ave. Both libraries offer community classes, children's story times and STEAM based programing.

Harkins Movie Theater - Visiting the Harkins Movie Theater is a treat for all ages. The theater has nice comfy seats with satisfying snacks.

Urban Air Adventure Park - Urban Air is the goto place for many residents in Peoria or the Phoenix area. The park is filled with excitement, adventure, and simple fun.

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