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When to shop for new insurance in Arizona.

Insurance is boring and no one really likes talking about it or researching it, but it’s required by law to have it. Here are the most important times when you need to shop for your insurance coverage.

Many people get their insurance renewals, look it over and grunt over the increase cost. Then, they do nothing and just file it away thinking that there is nothing out there cheaper. Little do they know, that there are insurance companies that are A rated that have cheaper policies with the same coverage and are just as good as any big name insurance company. The problem is, is that people are so busy in their daily lives that even if saving money is important, they just deal with the increase for another 6 months or year.

Let’s talk claims. No one ever wants to have a claim but when it happens you NOT only do you want to make sure you have insurance but have enough coverage so you aren’t incurring out of pocket expenses. You have insurance for a reason and that is to protect your finances. So, if you have to file a claim and the company you are covered with had issues with communication, timeliness or payout. Then, it’s time to shop your insurance.

Moving is the another great opportunity to shop around and get educated on what the new requirements are for auto or home insurance. With all the out-of-state moving increasing and companies giving employees the ability to work remotely due to Covid It’s also a good time to discuss what coverage may or may not be offered in the new state. Either way, you have to look for new insurance, so why not shop around, try and save money to help with the expenses you are incurring during the move.

If shopping insurance sounds like a lot of work, it is. That’s my job as a broker, I save you the time searching and calling, I save the headaches of waiting on each company to get back to you, most importantly I save you the money you wanted to. My job is to work with multiple carriers and let them bid for your business. Let me shop the insurance so you can spend time doing what you want.

Written by Amber Bator, your Home, Auto, Business and Medicare Insurance Specialist at Wishwell Agency.

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