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As a consumer, we are faced with a barrage of sales tactics, advertisements, subliminal messaging, and all sorts of things to get us to buy with this company or that product.

Of course, the bottom line is the dollar bills going into the bank account. That will always be the driving factor in any business. No matter what company or what position someone has, we are selling in some shape or form. When it comes to major purchases such as a home, cars, businesses, or insurance, our usual thought is “Dang, I have to deal with a pushy salesperson.” Do we though? What about the advisor approach? What are the differences of salesperson or advisors?

Throughout the years the “salesperson” is portrayed as the shifty eyed, slicked back or pulled back hair, inappropriate, overbearing, and rude. Movies and advertisements depict this person all the time, Danny Devito in Matilda, or Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko. Lately there has been a shift in thought, putting the service back into customer/client service as we go into this new era of post covid business. Giving great service is what advisors are about. Information and education are the two key factors in being an advisor. The pushy sales line is, “this is what you need, lets get you signed.” The advisor is saying “here is your options, what questions do you have, is there anything else you want to go over, which makes best sense for you?”

The difference is night and day when it comes to having an advisor or salesperson. Consumers need to feel comfortable and trust the person they are working with. If a client doesn’t have trust, they can’t make a sound decision on any purchase no matter what the product is. Clients or consumers have one thing in common, they are human beings. It is important for people to have that trust built with people or companies they work with. Too many times have people been taken advantage of, swindled into a bad product, even financially drained.

  • Advisors will have longevity in their careers, when their clients have that trusting relationship with their advisor, those clients turn around and give referrals that they have a close relationship with.

  • Salespeople turn and burn so to speak, if they can’t close a deal, they won’t even remember your name. Advisors will have that strong foundation built on trust and treat everyone they do or don’t do business with respect. Which person do you want to help you?

At Wishwell, we are in your corner - here to help and advise you on the best possible coverage. With access to over 18 direct carriers, the choice in insurance is yours as we shop the carriers, supply the information with our advice on which makes the most sense for you, your family and budget, then you decide. If anything happens and you need to file a claim, we are also here to help you handle it - every step of the way!

This article was written by Andrew Manuel, our Life Insurance and Medicare Insurance Specialist at Wishwell Insurance Brokers in North Peoria! Schedule an appointment with him: or visit for more information!

Happy early 65th birthday!

Did you know that you can get an early birthday present when you turn 65? In fact, you can get it as early as three months. What is it you ask? Medicare!

Are you screaming in excitement or terror, yet? Usually what happens is a person will get the paperwork in the mail with information on how to sign up for Medicare yet struggle through that and have no idea what the difference between plans and parts are in Medicare.

When it comes to Medicare a lot of people rely on the word of other family members, friends, or even their own doctors. The problem with these methods is none of them are fully educated on changes from year to year and what may work best for other family members or friends is not what is going to work best for you. Out of hundreds of options to pick from, do you know which one is going to be most beneficial?

Medicare is not the most difficult subject out there in the world. However, there is so much information, regulations, changes, and commercials with Joe Namath that it isn’t easy to navigate through initial sign up or looking at changes from year to year. This is where a good Medicare agent comes in. Just like back in the day get a notebook, your favorite pens, or pencils ready for class. Medicare classes are important, a good agent is going to provide a Medicare 101. It will give you the most important ins and outs of basic Medicare knowledge. Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, Part A or Plan G, supplements or Medigap, all those terms will be explained in a class. It will also help you understand what the true options you are choosing from.

There are only two options when you look at Medicare: Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Once that is decided then you have more choices to look at. Those classes will give you that knowledge ahead of time to allow you to make a sound choice. It is always better to have as much information when making important decisions, when it comes to Medicare you need not only the information but someone to interpret from all the confusing language and other people that think they know. Get the knowledge, find a class, be prepared for your own piece of mind.

At Wishwell Insurance Brokers, we host regular in-person and online (Zoom) meetings to help answer all your questions about Medicare in Arizona. You can also schedule an individual appointment with one of our Specialists, too:

This article was written by Andrew Manuel, your Wishwell Medicare Agent in Peoria, Arizona.

Many people don’t know that you should review your insurance policies when life changes. Others hate dealing with anything related to insurance. Any life event should trigger a call to your insurance company for a review.

Here are a few reasons to call your insurance company to review your policy:

  1. Marriage is a great reason to contact your insurance company. By adding a spouse you will be listed as married, which can save you money. Also, if you are adding another vehicle you can save money with the multi-vehicle discount. Nonetheless, you are most likely merging accounts together. So why not review everything, especially if it can save you money. Now that assets are combined, your finances change which means you can lose that and wages. It’s also a good time to review your liability limits. Not having enough liability can affect you financially if you get into an accident. You work hard to make money and build a future for yourself and loved ones. Why not protect that?

  2. Another reason to contact your insurance is when you have a baby. You need to make sure your child is provided for now and in the future. That is why it’s so important to review your life insurance after having a baby and make sure your loved ones are taken care of in the incident you are no longer around!

  3. New drivers are a perfect reason to contact your insurance. I am pretty sure parent’s dread adding their teen drivers to their auto policy for two reasons. First, being scared to have them on the road with careless drivers and the other is the financial impact it could have on your wallet. Even though adding a new driver to your insurance policy will increase the premium, it’s a good time to discuss with your insurance agent your coverage and have them educate you on the importance of higher liability limits. That new driver is more at risk of causing or getting into an accident. You will want to protect yourself and increase your limits and even look into umbrella insurance. This gives you added liability protection and doesn’t cost as much as an accident can.

My favorite thing about my job is educating my clients. I enjoy reviewing changes in their lives and educating them on the importance of insurance. I give my clients options when reviewing insurance and then let them make the decision. The motto I always live by is “Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do”.

This post is written by Amber Bator, your Home, Auto, Commercial and Medicare Specialist at Wishwell Insurance Brokers in Peoria, Arizona.

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